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Online professionals with the highest technical standard in e-commerce. It is our mission to create, build and maintain super strong and innovative e-commerce solutions for the fashion and retail branche. 


The 4 pilars for successful e-commerce

  1. Experience driven: bring the ultimate experience online to delight your customers. 
  2. Customer central: build unique relationships tailoring the experience through personalization, based on data. 
  3. Business scale: Follow customers everywhere, whether it is online or in the physical stores.
  4. Omnichannel: Provide a seamless customer experience regardless of channels and devices with use of our progressive web app.

We believe in innovation 
Sometimes we come up with or come across, a new idea, product, service or technology that we find intriguing or in an early phase. And sometimes we find that idea so promising that we develop it ourselves or together with the entrepreneurs we meet. For example; Progressive Web App.

Progressive Web Apps: Increase engagement, reliability, and speed! 
PWAs are cutting-edge technology and are the new standard in e-commerce. This new level of quality allows Progressive Web Apps is something Itonomy started developing since 2018. We worked on instant pageloads, regardless of the network state, TouchID identification, etc. Building a high-quality Progressive Web App has incredible benefits, making it easy to delight your customers, grow engagement and increase conversions.

Explore PWA yourself and visit Butcher of Blue!

Magento Professional Solutions Partner
We are 1 of 8 official Magento Professional Solutions Partners in the Netherlands. Our focus is purely on Magento solutions and that ensures that we are specialists with a mountain of experience and knowledge in that area.

Certified Adobe Partner
We are an official Adobe Partner. This means that we know exactly how we can connect your Magento Commerce webshop and let it perform with Adobe products from the Adobe Experience Cloud.

We ensure that all development takes place in one place
We work with our own in-house programmers. All strategy, creation, development, and optimization takes place in the Creative Valley in Utrecht or in Eindhoven. Itonomy is part of the international Cronos Group, a leading Belgium IT company.

If you are looking for a state of the art commerce experience, we would like to meet you.

Who are our clients?

Itonomy successfully cooperates with a number of large (international) web stores. Every day we help our customers in their search for further improvement of their e-commerce environments.

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